Plan Your Kitchen

Our Process


1.Floor Plan: As a first step, we advise clients to draw a floor plan of their kitchen indicating dimensions of the cabinets, where the power outlets and switches are, position of the range hood, bulkheads etc. (please refer to our printable planning guide) Photographs and/or blue prints of the kitchen area is also a good idea. All this will help us in providing you with an accurate quotation of your project.


2.Design: Once you provide us with the above, an appointment would be scheduled with our qualified designers at our showroom. During the meeting we will discuss budget, and specifics of your project such as door styles, countertops and different elements of your project.


3.Adjustments: Once we complete the initial drawings/quote, we recommend that you take the time to look things over and discuss everything that was talked about. Should you need to make changes, feel free to contact our designer and make the required changes. This would help the designer to prepare for the second meeting.


4.Finalizing: Once the second is concluded you would have a very clear idea regarding the style and layout of your project. Once your budget and our prices are in sync and you are ready to place your order, our designer would go to your space to obtain exact measurements of the space.


5.Order: You would once again be given the opportunity to go over and confirm the plans, elevations, hardware and material selections. At this point, a work schedule will be done with exact pricing and your installation date.


6.Payment: We require a 50% deposit for the cabinetry upon placing the order. Next there will be a 40% upon delivery of the cabinetry with a 10% holdback which is due upon full installation.


7.Delivery/Installation: Delivery and installation is included in our price. Our designer will contact you a few days before installation to confirm that your space is ready for the delivery and install of your cabinetry. Our installation will be done by professional installers.


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